Before & After

I decided to actually photoshop the menu boards and the logo on the shop itself. Here are the before and after pictures.

23_Shop_logoBEFORE 24_Shop_logoAFTER


27_Shop_menu2BEFORE 28_Shop_menu2AFTER

25_Shop_menuBEFORE 26_Shop_menuAFTER


29_Shop_overallBEFORE 30_Shop_overallAFTER


Promotional Videos

There were many talks and ideas concerning this particular aspect of my projects.  I had originally wanted to create a viral video.  But only to realised that it doesn’t fit well with my whole project.  A solid idea only came to me when I had to do an assignment for a module in college using Motion.  We had to create a promotional video based/about out final year projects.  I had a few thought out plans for this as well, but in the end only one way had worked out.

Initially I wanted to use a GoPro and film the footage from beginning of an order for a yogurt to the end. A bit like “Peep Show”.  I found out then, after finishing filming it, that it was too unsteady for using with Motion.  My second idea was then to show the interaction of the staff to with the customers.  Using a normal video camera to capture this footage.  When I looked back on what I had captured, I didn’t really like the outcome of it.  It was too boring and long and just seemed fake, and one of the supervisors actually asked me “what was I trying to show in the footage?”

My final idea then was to actual film the their product being made up/created.  I thought that it was a great insight and would interest the public to know how Mooch actually make the products on the their menu boards! I have included one of the videos  I made at the beginning of this post!

Pullup Banner design

I wanted to design something bigger than what i have already designed.  I decided to go for a pull up banner. I went with a simple purple background with the three yogurt cups and again, using the buzz words Mooch already has associated with their brand: Gluten Free, 100% Natural and Fat Free.


Business cards final re-designed

Business cards was what Mooch had when i started this project.  It was the only thing they have with regards to promotional materials.  I wanted to redesign what they have already to tie in with the rest of what I had done and also to use my logo on these cards.

Before, Mooch’s business card design was plain white, with one side bearing the original logo, and the other side contact details of mooch and the owner.

I redesigned it so that there is a purple bar going across either the top or the bottom half of the card, highlighting either the logo or the contact details.  On the back of the card, I included the address of the the shop.

11_Businesscard1FRONT 12_Businesscard2FRONT 13_BusinesscardBACK


What I thought Mooch was missing was a flyer menu type promotional material!  I figured that they could use this to display Mooch in other shops- or even post it into houses like they would with information flyers.  I downloaded a flyer template from the internet and had no prior inspiration other than that I wanted (again) include my own logo on it.  I had thought that it should somehow reflect the way I had redesign the menu boards – again trying to tie in all the designs into each other.  I used all the same graphics that I did when redesigning the menu boards too.

18_FlyerFRONT 19_FlyerINSIDE

On the outside design, I wanted to keep it fresh and clean. So I decided to use the buzz words that Mooch has already been associated with “Gluten Free” 100% Natural” and “Fat Free” with each of the three main flavours that they have.  on the inside, as you can see, again, the shape of the snowflake is emphasised.  i have numbered each points clearly like the menu boards and listed the toppings out.


Based on what I had seen on what most branding companies do in their package are letterhead designs.  I didn’t have any specific way of approaching to design this, but instead I just did.  I wanted it to be kept in line with the business cards and how there is a purple bar across either the top of half of the design or the bottom half. What i came up with is shown below.  Obviously, I had branded these with my chosen re-designed logo of Mooch.  The other two designs, i wanted it to be crisp, and had emphasised the Snowflake logo.

14_Letterhead1 15_Letterhead2 16_Letterhead3 17_Letterhead4



I have finally gotten around to creating the website.  It’s nothing fancy. The supervisors had said to make a one page parallax.  Websites and coding aren’t particularly my forte, but I did manage to some how pull one together.  I did basic, basic css and java script.  Templates  was gotten from Scrollorama. Basically a jQuery plugin for a bit of what I used on my website! – for the toppings which drops into the pot.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 23.34.36


The rest of the structure of the website is just css and sections of the different sections seen on the nav bar!

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 23.53.55As you can see, I wanted to keep the website simple and the pages to a minimum.  I have included videos and images under the gallery section.  Under “Contact Us” the directors of Mooch, a map, contact details and opening hours of the shop. The top section is the ‘About’ page. ‘Products’ is just an image of the new menu boards I had redesigned.